About Us

Woodbridge Pet Sitting Service, LLC located in Woodbridge, Connecticut, has significantly raised the bar by setting a high standard for in-home pet care services, and delivering quality to our customers time after time. We offer a wide range of services to meet almost every household situation and budget. 

Despite conventional thinking, all pet care services are not alike!  Our comprehensive, in-home pet sitting services are a humane and cost efficient alternative for pet owners reluctant to kennel board their animals for various reasons.

Kennels are typically small, dirty or crowded facilities. There is inherent risk of your pet contracting illnesses such as kennel cough or bringing parasitic diseases back to the home. During time at boarding facilities and kennels many pets experience severe separation anxiety, depression, lack of exercise and/ or mental stimulation.

Woodbridge Pet Sitting’s in-home tailored services enable your pets to maintain their daily activities, nurtured in familiar surroundings, almost as if you were home yourself. Your pets sleep in their favorite spot! They are fed exactly what you would feed them, when you would feed them. Does your buddy like a piece of cheese after an afternoon walk? If you use Woodbridge Pet Sitting Service, LLC that is no problem at all, and believe it or not, is actually quite common.

Selecting the right person to care for your pet during your time away can be a stressful, time consuming and difficult decision. Many times you don’t want to burden family members, friends or neighbors to care for your pet when you have to travel for business or vacation. We visit your home at the exact times you specify, your pet never waits!